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Nature of Thermi


For those who love trekking, in Thermi there are tons of areas with unique paths.

The view from above is priceless and there are many sights to admire.

Old churches, old rocks and unique paths between hills and olive trees, these are some of the many you will “discover” in your tour.

The road is calming without big highways or downhills that even people of old age can follow.

From this path you can admire the entire area of Thermi, aka the village of Thermi and the sunny beach of Skala Thermis.

Bird Watchers

For Bird Watchers the are of Thermi has a unique land which has been deemed “special for it’s rare birds”.

Specifically on top of Mistegna there is the old quarry of stones which has been abandoned (as a workplace) in years.

In that area though remained the extraction pits that are filled with water (mainly in September), and attract many rare bird breeds that stop to relax from their Journey to the south.

From there you can ever admire the entire coast of Mistegnon and the village itself.

Roman Aqueduct

In a 600m distance from Moria (5km/3m from Towers of Thermi), you will find the Roman Aqueduct. It’s about a unique structure on the island, it’s creation was made in the Roman era (20th century B.C)

It’s purpose was the waterworks for Mytile using the water gates of Agiasos. Today it’s located under surveilance and it’s biggest piece remains called “Kamares”.

12 pessaries stand, while inbetween remain 7 kamares of the middle row and 1 downwards, built in grey marble originating from a neighboring quarry.Στέκονται όρθιοι δώδεκα πεσσοί, ενώ ανάμεσά τους διασώζονται επτά καμάρες της μεσαίας σειράς και μια της κάτω, λαξευμένες σε γκρίζο μάρμαρο προερχόμενο από γειτονικό λατομείο.

At the top, with kamares made of brick, it brought the water pump.

The waters concentrated from the big lake of Olympus, while on the total distance of 22km/13m it also took water from other wells. Many of it’s pieces remain in ravines in central Lesvos.

The particular area of Moria had a length of 17m width and 27m height (55ft width, 88ft height), while it had a total of 17 kamares.
Manikasas Waterfall

Between Manolou and Koutrou exists the spot Peristeries and near that another one called Kstillas. From there a torrent runs through that lands on a few hidden tall boulders in a pit which forms that waterfall. It makes a horrific patagua in winter.

The whirlwind of the water and the view of the gorge and the view of the surrounding places and the narrow landscape And desolate loneliness και το λίγο εκεί ηλιακό φως And the cries of crows and hawks And the voices of the foxes, Give the viewer a magical image, somehow inspiring this “panic” fear