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The Thermal Baths (Springs) of Thermi are located northwest of Mytilini, at Loutropolis Thermis. There is evidence that they have been used since ancient times, a large number of Hellenistic marbles, Roman inscriptions and Ottoman buildings have been found in the immediate area.

In the two ancient domed pools, located behind the present spa, one can discern the history of the place through the ages.

In 1909, the construction of the “Sarlitsa Palace” Hotel changed the area into a very modern health resort, with international fame. It was one of the most luxurious hotels of that era. It was patronised by the rich and famous, before falling into decay over the last thirty years. The ancient baths are derelict now, although you can still see them, but there is a new bath house where you can enjoy the full benefit of the waters and their healing.

The current spa facilities have 10 bathtubs. The spring is ferrous, brackish with an average temperature of 46.9 °C (0.6 units of radioactivity) and is recommended for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis, skin diseases and digestive trouble. The mineral waters are also inhaled and said to help bronchial illness’s.

Steve Andriotis