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Monastery of Saint Raphael (Agios Rafail)

Thermi & Pyrgoi Thermis

Ancient Thermi

Saint Raphael

Hot Spring

Beaches of Thermi

Taverns & Club

Nature of Thermi

Is settled at the N.E. side of the island, 3 km away from Thermi settlement.

The monastery built where an old Basilica Temple was. Remnants of the Basilica there are many at the area (frescoes, red tiled floor, the icon of Pantokratoras).

We can see three periods: (α) from 10th century till 1235, (b) from 1433 up to 1463 – year of destruction from the Turks, with Agios Raphael as a monk and (c) from 1962 till today.

Is a monastery for women, that built and works as an honor to the Saint (Agios).

Is one of the most important monasteries of the island and helps a lot to the economical development of the area.